Signs That You Should Visit a Root Canal Specialist

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When you are worried about your dental health or are experiencing tooth pain, you may not know if a visit to the root canal specialist is the best option. It is crucial to note that most dentists can handle a root canal procedure, but by visiting a specialist, you can be sure of getting the best level of dental care. As with any dental procedure, seeing a specialist means less risk of complications, faster completion of the procedure and less discomfort.

Reasons to visit a root canal specialist

The following are signs to note that will help patients know when it is time to book an appointment with the endodontist.

Persistent tooth pain

It is normal to experience tooth pain occasionally. Brushing and flossing the teeth is usually enough to stop the pain, which may be due to having food particles stuck in the tooth. If the pain is persistent and worsens when chewing or biting, it is a sign that an appointment with a root canal specialist is necessary.

Darkening teeth

The teeth can get stained, but when it happens, it is usually with a yellowish color. If the tooth suddenly starts darkening, it is a sign that a major infection has affected the inner layer of the teeth, and the patient needs to visit the dental office.

Foul breath or halitosis

It is normal for someone to have lousy breath after chewing garlic fries or strong-smelling cheese. However, if the breath still smells bad after brushing and flossing, it is generally an indication of an infection or excessive accumulation of bacteria in the mouth. After visiting the endodontist, they can examine the oral cavity for signs of infections to remove it and reduce bacteria presence.

Teeth sensitivity

If the tooth is infected, it will probably become more sensitive to hot and cold items. If the patient experiences pain once when eating ice cream, there may be no reason to be concerned. It is normal for the tooth to feel sensitive occasionally. However, if the sensitivity becomes a regular thing, then patients should schedule an appointment with the endodontist to have the tooth checked.

How the root canal specialist can help

An endodontist can detect an infection in the oral cavity and remove it. This is crucial because if a root canal treatment is completed successfully, the infected tooth can be saved and not need to be extracted. The pulp chamber containing blood vessels and nerve tissues is usually the portion that gets infected. The dentist will clean out this area of the tooth and may even decide to remove the roots as well.

After the adult tooth fully forms, the tooth roots no longer serve any major role. This means removing them will not have any impact on the long-term functionality of the tooth. When they get infected, removing them is crucial to stop the infection from spreading into the jaw and to the bloodstream.

In conclusion

If you are experiencing any of the signs described above, you need to visit a root canal specialist to have your teeth checked.

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